Q. How many workers will call me after I have placed an order?
Normally, at most 3 workers will contact you for quotation. For interior renovation or painting, at most 5 workers will contact you for quotation.
Q. If I have already selected a worker, how can I prevent other workers for contacting me? Should I click "Cancel Order"?
You can click "Choose Worker". Once you have chosen a particular worker then the system will prevent other workers from contacting you.
Q. Do the workers contacting me have an appropriate license?
Workers successfully registered in our platform must have a relevant license or certification. To ensure your benefit, you should ask the workers to show their licenses before they start working for you.
Q4. Why the worker's telephone number showing on my order history is not the same as the phone's caller ID?
It is possible that the worker has more than one telephone number. If you really feel suspicious for the case, you could reject the worker's service and report the case to us. To ensure your benefit, you should ask the workers to show their licenses before they start working for you.
Q. Where can I view the review of a worker?
Click 'Order History' → 'Order details' → 'Worker’s profile' to check information, comments, ratings and relevant licenses of a worker.
Q. Does this platform works 24 hours a day?
Yes, you could place an order at any time. Workers who provide 24-hour service can be easily contacted through our App.
Q. What can I do if none of the workers contacting me is a suitable candidate?
You could choose to place your order again until you find a suitable worker.
Q. Where can I report unskilled worker and/or ill-mannered worker?
You can give comments and ratings to the worker through the App once the order has been finished. You could also contact us to report the case. If we find a worker’s quality of service is not acceptable, we will block his/her account and terminate all his/her right on the platform.
Q9. I do not know which category shall I choose to place my order.
You could choose "Maintenance"→ 'Others' or "Special Service"→ 'Order Request', then enter the details of your order in the description box.
Q. Can I cancel my order?
Yes, but the app will hide the workers' information from you once you have cancelled order.
Q11. After a worker bidded my order, I can see the worker's information. Can I contact the worker initiatively?
Yes, sure.
Q12. Why a worker bidded my order and then cancel the bid?
It is possible that after the worker checked the details of your order, the worker find himself/herself not interested or not available to provide the service to you.
Q. Will any inspection fee be charged?
It depends on the worker and the service that you have requested. Before appointing a worker, please confirm with the worker if any inspection fee will be charged.
Q. What should I do if I wrongly canceled my order?
Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Hotline at 5131 6906