About Us

With the maturity of smartphones, we (Seed Blooming Co., Ltd. www.seedblooming.com) believe that the development of mobile applications will change the way work and life are. What we hope is not to create legendary entrepreneurial stories and participate in fashionable financial games. Instead, we use the skills of information technology to improve the efficiency of the overall life and solve certain market needs. In fact, it will not bring huge income, but technological evolution is to improve the quality of life and efficiency.

CallSiFu is a service matching platform for the renovation and home repair industry, allowing the public to quickly and easily find reliable professional through mobile app. We are committed to protecting users, so the professional must first pass the professional qualification review process and have certain service experience. At the same time, we have a blacklist function and scoring system, and will prohibit the inferior professional from providing service.

Since the launch of the market in late December, the \"CallSiFu\" has received a lot of resounding and opinions. Under the pursuit of perfection, we constantly collect opinions from users and professional and continuously introduce new functions and services. In August 2015, after several rounds of judging, we formally joined the Cyberport Incubation Program. In addition, We won the Hong Kong Information and Technology Awards ICT AWARDS Gold Award in 2016, which was unanimously appreciated by the jury.

Up to now, thanks to the support of all walks of life, the number of registered workers of CallSiFu has exceeded 9,500, and the number of orders has exceeded 370,000. We will continue to work hard to keep \"CallSiFu\" to continue and grow, continue to provide services to the community, and enhance the efficiency of the seeking professional.